All the Courses Needed for a High School Diploma

~ by Dr. Christopher Perrin ~

After four years of development and growth, Scholé Academy will offer all the courses needed for a high school diploma. This marks a trend in three areas: 1) our own academy with its emphasis on classical and restful learning (scholé); 2) the growing renewal of classical education; and 3) the growth of online education generally.

We received some good advice four years ago from someone experienced with online education: Grow with quality and don’t rush. We have tried to do that, and we will continue to do so. This means that adding a high school to our academy is a challenge we are not taking lightly. We want to ensure that our restful pedagogy and approach is consistently employed in our new courses at this level. We also must dedicate time and resources to ensure good faculty training and communication across the entire academy.

After months of preparation, we are ready to offer all the courses students will need for a high school diploma. This means classes in the five core areas of history, literature, language, math, and science. All of our teachers have excellent credentials and training, as well as past experience teaching in classical school or homeschool co-op settings. Several of our teachers were even homeschooled themselves.

While we won’t issue a high school diploma as a school, our homeschooling families can take as many courses as they desire with Scholé Academy in fulfillment of a high school diploma. We do plan to become a diploma-granting school in the future.

We have also worked hard to craft a helpful and family-friendly schedule of classes. We know that some families will want to take two or more of our classes, so therefore these cannot be scheduled at the same time! We have also worked hard to offer courses for families in various time zones across the continent, and indeed across the world.

As we grow, you will find that the students, parents, and teachers at Scholé Academy are evolving into a rich community of friends and learners. Our upper-school students love getting to know one another and have started a school newspaper at their own initiative. We also provide opportunities for our upper-school students to visit other classes and get to know other students, for example by joining for various discussions or viewing the live speeches from our students who are studying rhetoric. Our students come from wonderful families. They are courteous, studious, friendly, and growing in their intellectual virtues!

For a complete listing of the more than 50 courses we now offer through Scholé Academy, visit our course listing page.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions by emailing us at ScholeSupport@classicalsubjects.com.


Christopher A. Perrin
Scholé Academy Director

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