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Art Courses

Pieper says that “Reason speaks in words alone but love has a song.” Art is love’s song. It’s a song to cosmos, to God, to being.
It’s gratuitous, excessive, fugal, not necessary for the biological machine. Contemplation only happens with an open hand, with a gift, and with gift-sensibility.
That’s where the muse comes in—if you don’t behold, there is no chance of a gift. Artists from the beginning of time knew that the muse was needed to inspire—
because art comes not only from within us but from outside us—from some meeting of the two.

Professor Christine Perrin, from a talk presented at CiRCE in 2017

Yearlong Courses and Workshops

Intro to Brush Drawing (Fall)

Grades K-3 Art Workshop (Fall)

Grades 3-5 Art Workshop (Fall)

Fall Courses

Common Arts I, Part A (Fall)

Introduction to Portraiture (Fall)

Classic Children’s Book Illustration (Fall)

Intro to Drawing with Grayscale (Fall)

Introduction to Painting (Fall)

Introduction to Illustration (Fall)

Intermediate Drawing (Fall)

Calligraphy (Fall)

Spring Courses

Common Arts I, Part B (Spring)

Intermediate Painting (Spring)

Drawing with Color (Spring)

Intermediate Portraiture (Spring)

Intermediate Illustration (Spring)

Introduction to Watercolor Painting (Spring)

Intermediate Drawing (Spring)

Calligraphy (Spring)

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