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Math & STEM Courses

Our mathematics classes are highly interactive and engaging. Often students “come to the board” to work problems during class, while other times peer groups are assigned for students to work on problems using our Breakout Rooms. Students also practice their skills through more traditional homework assignments and are given assessments to monitor their mastery. Classes meet 3 times per week. Please see the specific details of each course.


Scholé Academy’s Mathematics Department is growing! Our school has traditionally been known for leading the way in the liberal arts tradition and for supplying the best in classical curriculum from Classical Academic Press (our parent company). But we know that classical education includes more than the famous Trivium (and the humanities courses which typically coincide with that study). Classical education also includes a robust compilation of Quadrivium courses, which includes mathematics and the sciences. As part of our scholé approach, we’ve been more interested in finding just the right educators than building these departments quickly. We will continue to build this program as we curate and find the best mathematics instructors to lead the way. 


In truth our mind is greater than the universe, since that which contains is necessarily greater than that which is contained.

—John Amos Comenius, The Great Didactic

Foundational Math V

Foundational Math VI

Fundamentals of Mathematics


Algebra 1


Algebra 2 and Trigonometry


The Logic of Computer Programming (Fall)

The Art of Computer Programming

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