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Hosting engaging, interactive science courses online is no easy task! It takes thoughtful planning, creativity, and a highly motivated instructor. We know how important it is for science to be experienced as well as studied! We’ve built our science courses to include lots of hands-on opportunities, labs, and activities. Some of the activities will be contemplative—we must learn to think and reason well—but many will involve student participation (both in class and at home), projects, lab experiments, and following the scientific method. To accomplish all of this, our science courses are held 3 times per week. Please check each course description carefully to determine which lab materials will need to be purchased in addition to the course fee.  


Scholé Academy’s Science Department is growing! Our school has traditionally been known for leading the way in the liberal arts tradition and for supplying the best in classical curriculum from Classical Academic Press (our parent company). But we know that classical education includes more than the famous Trivium (and the humanities courses which typically coincide with that study). Classical education also includes a robust compilation of Quadrivium courses, which includes mathematics and the sciences. As part of our scholé approach, we’ve been more interested in finding just the right educators than building these departments quickly. We will continue to build this program as we curate and find the best science instructors to lead the way. 

Physical Science

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