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Teach with Scholé Academy!

Award-winning classical Christian education online

In 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 Scholé Academy earned iLearn Awards from Practical Homeschooling including the overall 1st place iLearn award for online academies for 2020! As our academy continues to grow, we are looking for talented and dedicated instructors to offer courses at Scholé Academy!

Interested in teaching with us? 

  • Instructors, explore our school, and complete our instructor application by submitting a Request for Proposal below.
  • Tutors are welcome to apply year round.  We offer private and/or supplemental tutoring in Math, Science, Latin, Writing, and more. Submit a Request for Proposal below.

Complete Our Full Request for Proposal Application Process

2023-24 Request for Proposals:

Interested candidates should have a love and appreciation for classical Christian education. If you’re passionate about restful learning and would like to contribute to the renewal of Christian classical education, then please review the information below on how to submit your Request for Proposal, which is our application. Interviews start in December 2022. Please email questions to

Step 1: Get to know Scholé Academy

Before you submit your service proposal, we ask that you take some time to get to know our online academy, the kind of education we offer, our various programs, and the school culture we seek to foster.  The resources below are intended to guide you as you explore.

  • What is Classical Education? Scholé Academy is the online school of Classical Academic Press.  The company has defined our model of classical Christian education, and this article presents an overview of our educational philosophy.
  • About Scholé Academy:  Watch a video from our CEO, Dr. Christopher Perrin, and learn what makes Scholé courses unique in the world on online education
  • Welcome to the Great Hall @ Scholé Academy:  Scholé Academy serves families and welcomes teachers from Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox backgrounds.  Learn how we work together across traditions while making room for our important differences.
  • St. Raphael School:  As the Orthodox house of studies at Scholé Academy, St. Raphael School offers courses in catechism, Greek, Russian, liberal arts, and sacred arts—such as iconography and chant.
  • Canterbury House of Studies: The Anglican house of studies at Scholé Academy offers church history and theology in the tradition of the English Reformation
  • Tutoring CenterMany of our course instructors also serve as private tutors.  Our most popular subjects in the Tutoring Center are language arts, Latin, writing, and mathematics.
  • Center for Students with Learning DifferencesAs part of the Tutoring Center, the CSLD provides the services of Special Needs Instructors to support students who have been diagnosed with Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) or are seeking a diagnosis.
  • Student-Parent Handbook: The handbook includes our statement of faith, a description of our learning philosophy, and the agreement parents sign when they enroll in our courses.
Step 2: Find out who we're looking for

General Requirements for Course Instructors and Tutors

Instructor and Tutor Recruitment Informational Video (recording) 

Scholé Academy, including St. Raphael School, Canterbury House of Studies, and The Aquinas House of Studies is seeking online instructors and tutors, K-12, for the 2022-23 academic year! Instructors and tutors in math, science, humanities, Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, Latin, modern foreign languages, writing, catechism, Bible, and art will be considered.

Entrepreneurs — All Scholé Academy online course instructors and private tutors are independent contractors. That means we are looking for people who desire flexibility, work with independence, and have an entrepreneurial spirit.  While some of our most popular instructors have built their online teaching business up to the level of full-time self-employment, most of our instructors consider their online tutoring supplemental income.

Tech-Savvy—Our online courses feature high-quality live video streaming, and our instructors manage course content using our learning management system, Canvas.  Instructors provide their own equipment (we provide the software), and they should have ready access to a reliable high-speed internet signal.

Classical educators—In our “Request for Proposal” (our version of an application — more on that below) we’ll ask about your background in education, specifically your understanding of classical Christian education according to the scholé philosophy.  We expect our instructors to not only understand classical education but to apply it in every aspect of their teaching.  If you are invited for an interview, we’ll want to hear about your teaching experiences and how CCE informs your pedagogy.

Program Specific Requirements

At the bottom of this page you will find a comprehensive list which describes the needs we have in each of our programs and the specific requirements for each.  Before applying, we recommend that you browse that section and consider which of our programs and courses might be a good fit for your background, skills, and experience.  In general, please keep in mind:

  • St. Raphael School instructors must be Orthodox Christians in good standing with their local parish.
  • Canterbury House of Studies (CHoS) Catechism Instructors must be members must be members of good standing in the Anglican Church. CHoS Instructors of courses other than catechism must be members in good standing in a church within the Protestant tradition.
  • Aquinas House of Studies instructors must be members in good standing with the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Candidates who wish to apply for tutoring only should summarize the services (instead of corporate courses) they could provide within our tutoring center in the RFP (see below); otherwise, the same standards apply to both tutors and course instructors.
Step 3: Prepare your proposal
  • Request for Proposal (RFP): Scholé Academy serves as a vendor for the services of online course instructors and tutors; we are not a “school” in the traditional sense of the term, and we do not employ teachers on a full or part-time basis.  If you are a classical teacher who would like to offer one or more online courses as part of our wider offerings, please download and complete the “Request for Proposal” form, which will provide us with the information we need to consider your proposal. We also request a completed “Request for Proposal” if you are a classical teacher who would like to offer supplemental tutoring and/or private course instruction through our tutoring center, or services to students with learning differences through our CSLD.
Download the Request for Proposal (RFP) Form
  • Cover letter:  Please write a few short paragraphs introducing yourself and summarizing your proposed course offerings. If you desire to offer tutoring or private course instruction, then please summarize the services which you could provide within our tutoring center.
  • Resumé / Curriculum Vitae: Much of the information required on the RFP would also be included in a standard resumé, but feel free to include your resumé or CV, especially if it includes important details not covered in the RFP.
  • Transcripts/support documents:  For any degrees which you have earned or certifications, please scan and upload official documentation.

As you prepare your proposal packet, please save each document as a PDF using the format “Your Last Name, First Name – Document Title.”

Overview of Potential Program Openings for the 2023-24 Academic Year

  • Family Classes (K-3rd)
  • Latin (4th  – 12th)
  • Writing (3rd – 9th)
  • Grammar (4th – 8th)
  • Logic (7th – 10th)
  • Pre-Rhetoric (8th – 10th)
  • Rhetoric (10th – 12th)
  • History (3rd – 12th)
  • Literature (4th – 12th)
  • Math (5th – 12th)
  • Science (6th – 12th)
  • STEM (6th – 12th)
  • French (5th-12th)
  • German (9th-12th)
  • Spanish (5th – 12th)
  • STEM (6th – 12th)
  • Art & Music (7th – 12th)


  • The Growing Church: Medieval to Counter Reformation

  • Science and the Catholic Church (Fall or Spring)

  • Reviving Truth: An Adult Faith Formation Workshop

  • Early Church
  • Anglican Foundations

  • Cultivating Virtue with CS Lewis

  • Moral Theology and the Sanctification of Time
  • Liberal Arts

    Level 1: Illustrated Classics
    Level 2: Early Chapter Books
    Level 3: Advanced Chapter Books
    Level 4: Children’s Classics
    Level 5: British Classics
    Level 6: Ancient Classics History (Roman Year)
    Level 6: Ancient Classics Literature (Roman Year)
    Level 7: Classics of Christendom History
    Level 7: Classics of Christendom Literature

  • Greek

    Greek Alphabet Primer
    Greek Grammar Primer
    Greek 1
    Greek 2
    New Testament Readings

  • Russian

    Russian 1
    Russian 2

  • Catechism
    (Please note: Catechism instructors must be given the blessing from St. Raphael School’s Spiritual Director)

    Level 3: Old Testament
    Level 4: Basic Spirituality
    Level 5: God’s Presence in His Saints
    Level 6: Living in Christ
    Level 7: Theology

  • Sacred Arts

    Elements of Church Music


Services for Students with Learning Differences

Services for Students with Learning Differences

We are excited to offer assistance and support to students with specific learning differences! We offer support services to students these Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs):

  • Dyslexia
  • Dysgraphia
  • Dyscalculia

In 2020, Scholé Academy opened its Center for Students with Learning Differences—a new dimension to our existing Tutoring Center. We are looking for enthusiastic, classically-minded special needs educators to provide services to students in our online community. The Special Needs Instructor will come alongside the student’s parents and course instructors, as applicable, to support the student.

We are looking for qualified candidates for the role of Special Needs Instructor.