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Scholé Academy: Restful, Classical Learning Online

Interactive online courses, pairing classical curriculum with a restful (scholé) pedagogy.
Our instructors foster deep engagement to cultivate learning that lasts.

Recent Blogs

Education as Soulcraft

~ by Joelle Hodge ~ Classical education is about formation, about shaping the loves of our students, and ultimately giving them the tools to find their way to the Father. John 14:6 says, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through...

Welcome to the Great Hall @ Scholé Academy

~ by Joelle Hodge and Jesse Hake ~ Our Scholé Academy community (to include St. Raphael School and our new Canterbury House of Studies) has become a patchwork of individuals, stitched together by the common threads of classical education. It reflects what we see...

Inhabiting a language: Latin via the Direct Method

~ by Maria Overy ~A most famous English philologist by the name of J. R. R. Tolkien, wrote, spoke, and imagined with a language of his own invention. For Tolkien, the invention of a language was a prerequisite for the creation of a world: ‘The invention of languages...

Prudence: A Virtue by Another Name Smells just as Sweet

~ by Fr. Noah Bushelli ~Prudence was definitely not in my lexicon growing up without Christ in the public school system.  Though I did implicitly learn many virtues, those traditional words were eschewed by the progressives engineering the train-wreck that...

New & Notable

August 7th

 Classical Education-The Art of Soulcraft(10:00 a.m.–8:30 p.m. EST)

August 31st – September 4th Orientation Sessions for Fall Semester Courses and Yearlong Courses (Scholé Academy & St. Raphael School)

September 8th

 Scholé Academy and St. Raphael School 2020/21 Classes Begin!

September 21st

 Last Day to Add/Drop Fall Semester and Yearlong courses 


Steps to Enrollment

We offer a wide range of courses and programs to meet the individual needs of our community. Courses can be found through Scholé Academy, dual enrollment with the University of St. Katherine, the Scholé Academy Tutoring Center, and the St. Raphael School.

Our goal at Scholé Academy is to help match prepared students for new course challenges and provide them the best opportunity for success. To help families, instructors, and administrators in this endeavor, Scholé Academy administers placement assessments in order to get to know each student and find the best learning environment for him or her, as we seek to educate our students well and wisely.


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First, read the available course descriptions, noting prerequisites, target grades, and course objectives. If you think your student is prepared for the course, go ahead and register. After registration, a placement assessment may be provided to students, depending on the course and the student’s previous enrollment with Scholé Academy. Registration is finalized when the student’s placement assessment has been returned by the course instructor with placement confirmation.


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Read the Student-Parent Handbook.

Please take careful note of our teaching philosophy, our technology requirements, our school policies, the parent agreement, and the distinctions between our grade levels.

Double-check the course section dates and times.

Make sure they don’t conflict with other activities in your schedule or other courses you are purchasing. Our system will not catch double-bookings!

You’re ready to add course selections to your cart!

Our Assistant to the Principal will be in touch with you after your enrollment to help you with next steps, including any placement evaluations that may be required for your course selections.

This registration will be finalized when the student’s placement assessment has been returned by the course instructor with placement confirmation.

Parent Testimonials

We like that the courses help the students strive for excellence while at the same time keeping them engaged and happy in their work. I truly don’t know how you do this! The balance of rigor and ease is amazing.

Scholé Academy Parent

We do not have any local Christian classical schools and I love that we have the opportunity to attend one of the best from our own home. Having a little less on my plate allows me to have some space to care for my own soul, which is necessary in the marathon of homeschooling.

Scholé Academy Parent

Scholé Academy has been life-changing for our homeschool. Thank you for introducing my family to the idea of scholé, or restful learning. It is wonderful to learn from a place of rest and peace and joy.

Scholé Academy Parent

Teacher Testimonials

Teaching for Scholé Academy has been a tremendous joy. The staff, students, and other faculty members have enriched my life and helped me grow as a teacher. It truly is a unique place to teach and learn; it’s what an educational environment should look like.

Mr. Schambach

Art of Argument Instructor

Through its curricula and unique approach, Scholé Academy has successfully achieved harmony between vigorous academics and restful contemplation. Poignant conversation and written work challenge students in welcoming environments that encourage authentic learning. Scholé’s wide variety of classes, excellent leadership, and faithful adherence to its philosophy make it a top choice for home educators.

Mrs. Shaltanis

Grammar, History, Literature, Rhetoric Instructor

The [Writing & Rhetoric] program inspires excellence in speaking, writing, and reading through the practice of elocution, repetition, imitation, and slow reading each week. The community atmosphere of the class keeps learning fresh!

Mrs. Schinstock

Writing & Rhetoric Instructor

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