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Next Event: Scholé Academy Open House

March 12 from 1 - 2:30pm

Join Principal Joanne Schinstock for a virtual tour of Scholé Academy.  Whether you are a new family or a long-time family, we want to take some time to tell you about our courses, instructors, and answer many of our most common questions.  Breakout sessions will dive into more specific questions about Lower School and Middle / Upper School.  We hope to see you there!

About Principal Joanne Schinstock

Joanne Schinstock, Principal has been an educator since 2005, with a Master in Humanities from the University of Dallas. As principal, she supervises the promotion, development, and operations of Scholé Academy, building a community that supports students and parents striving for restful classical education. Joanne joined the faculty of Scholé Academy in 2016 and enjoys teaching the Writing & Rhetoric series. After studying a year abroad focusing on Italian language and culture in Florence, Italy, she began her teaching career as a middle school classroom instructor in Language Arts. The Dallas Catholic Diocese recognized Joanne as a Work of Heart Award recipient, honoring outstanding teachers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. You can read more about Mrs. Schinstock’s philosophy of education here.

She and her husband, Brad, find joy in forging their family culture in their Catholic faith and in the classical Christian tradition, participating in their church community, their children’s school community, The Academy of Classical Christian Studies in Oklahoma City, and delighting in weekend family outings. jschinstock@scholeacademy.com

Next Event: Common Arts Education Webinar

March 25th @ 7pm ET

About the Book Common Arts Education: Renewing the Classical Tradition of Training the Hands, Head, and Heart

The academic foundations of classical education do not alone guarantee human flourishing. The liberal arts—the trivium and quadrivium—represent the core frameworks for cultivating virtue and practicing skills vital to our life in the world. And yet, they alone are insufficient, for we must eat, heal, defend ourselves, trade, build, find our way around, and more. It may seem evident that the common arts should be an integral part of education, and yet we see that every generation is losing skill in the common arts as we increasingly rely upon others to provide them for us. In Common Arts Education, author Chris Hall provides not only an argument for an integrated liberal, fine, and common arts pedagogy, but also some practical advice for crafting a robust, hands-on curriculum.

About Chris Hall, MAT

Chris Hall has a BA in philosophy from Gettysburg College and an MAT in elementary education from Towson University. He has been a classroom educator and administrator for 25 years, having served in public, independent, and classical schools. Along with his professional pedigree, he is a lifelong practitioner of several of the common arts profiled in this book, and the founder of Always Learning Education, an organization dedicated to teaching, learning, and propagating the common arts. He lives on a small, homesteaded farm in central Virginia with his wife and three homeschooled sons.

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