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Scholé Academy and the Classic Learning Test Partnership

Scholé Academy and the Classic Learning Test have partnered to bring you a special discounted rate on the CLT8 and CLT10 tests!

All current 7th-10th grade Scholé Academy and St. Raphael School students are eligible!

Save 25% on CLTExplore CLT8 and CLT10

About the CLT

Among standardized college entrance exams, the Classic Learning Test (CLT) provides a more accurate and comprehensive measure of achievement and aptitude. Administered online, CLT’s 7th-12th grade assessments invite students to wrestle with works of the greatest minds in history, engaging them with literature, history, philosophy, religion, math, reasoning, and logic.

Learn more about the Classic Learning Test on the CLT website and in the video below.

Three Steps to Savings!

Follow these instructions to claim your 25% discount on Classic Learning Test registrations.

1. Log In: Visit and log in or register for a new account.
2. Enter Partner ID: Navigate to your profile page and locate the Partner ID field. Enter the code: SCHOLE25  (Note: all caps)
3.  Register: Navigate to the registration page and choose your test date, test center, and payment method.

Upcoming CLT Test Dates

Check the CLT website for the most current list of upcoming exam dates.

For CLT8 and CLT10 exam details, click here.