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Scholé Academy and the Classic Learning Test Partnership

Scholé Academy and the Classic Learning Test have partnered to bring you a special discounted rate on the CLT Suite of Assessments!

All current 3rd-12th grade Scholé Academy students are eligible!

Explore CLT Suite of Assessments: SAVE 25% with SCHOLE25

About the CLT

CLT provides 3rd-12th grade assessments, intended to reflect a traditional education, offer a more edifying testing experience, and connect students to a network of colleges. The exams provide feedback on student performance throughout the age range. Exam questions are based on critical thinking and emphasize timeless skills in language arts and mathematics.

For the CLT Suite of Assessment details, click here.

Three Steps to Savings!

Follow these instructions to claim your 25% discount on Classic Learning Test registrations.

1. Log In: Visit and log in or register for a new account.

2. Register: Navigate to the registration page and choose your test date, test center, and payment method.

3. Save: Complete your payment using the Scholé Academy discount code SCHOLE25 (Note: all caps) for 25% off!

Homeschool families love the CLT because:

  • It can be taken at home
  • It engages students with meaningful content
  • It assesses key components for educational success
  • It helps students earn thousands in scholarships
  • It takes less time than other standardized tests (Iowa, PSAT, or ACT)

Full CLT Test Dates

Check the CLT website for the full list of upcoming exam dates.

The folks at Classic Learning Test design their standardized tests with your homeschool/private school students in mind. The tests are not aligned with common core objectives or standards; rather, they seek to measure the true nature of classical and liberal arts education. The test results should better reflect what your students are learning in the classroom and at home. In their reading, grammar and writing, and math sections, they emphasize literature, history, philosophy, religion, reasoning, and logic.

The 3rd-12th grade CLT exams are great ways for parents, private schools, and colleges to assess students’ academic formation. If a student takes a CLT exam, their educators can more accurately measure student abilities and growth over the years. It’s also a helpful tool for students to better understand their areas of strength and weakness.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the Classic Learning Test site.

CLT 3-8

The CLT3–8 exams are standardized tests for 3rd through 8th grade students offered by Classic Learning Test. They measure:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Grammar/Writing (according to the grade level)
  • Quantitative reasoning

These exams serve as a diagnostic tool and end-of-grade assessment to help students prepare for the upcoming grade and to aid school administrators, teachers, and parents as they assess grade-level academic benchmarks. They can be proctored by a parent online at home.


The CLT10 is a college preparatory exam for 9th and 10th grade students offered by Classic Learning Test. The CLT10 is an alternative to the PSAT and measures:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Grammar/Writing
  • Quantitative reasoning

CLT10 test-takers can send their scores to colleges and make great connections early on in the scouting process. And the CLT10 comes with a $2,500 scholarship opportunity!


The CLT is a college entrance exam offered by Classic Learning Test. The CLT is an alternative to the ACT and SAT and measures:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Grammar/Writing
  • Quantitative reasoning

Taken online at home, the CLT is shorter than SAT/ACT, emphasizes logic and critical thinking, and features meaningful content primarily drawn from the Great Books. Over 250 colleges—often private, liberal arts institutions—actively recruit CLT students and offer generous scholarships tied to test scores.