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Frequently Asked Questions




What do RETURNING families need to know about 2023-24 academic year registration?

In order to offer early registration to returning families, we are upgrading our registration and checkout process to make it even more seamless for Scholé Academy families. You will need to log in with the same email address that you used to purchase classes last year in order to get early access to registration. On or after February 6th, you will need to activate your account in order to establish access. Follow these instructions:

  • Look for an activation email in your inbox from Scholé Academy. (Email if you have not received an activation email by Tuesday, February 7.)
  • Click Activate Account.
  • Fill out the form to set your password and activate your account.
  • If you do not activate your account before February 9th, you will still be able to register that morning, but you’ll be required to activate first before purchasing classes.
  • The activation link will expire after 30 days.

Early registration for current families begins at 9am Eastern Time on February 9th. If you do not activate your account before February 9th, you will still be able to register that morning, but you’ll be required to activate first and then purchase classes.

Courses will fill quickly on a first-come basis. If the section you want fills right away, consider enrolling in another section that will work and join the waitlist for your preferred section. You are also encouraged to also consider private course instruction through our Tutoring Center if corporate class schedules do not meet your needs.


What do NEW families need to know about registration?

Enrollment for NEW families starts on Monday, February 13th at 9am Eastern Time. New families will be prompted to set up an account at the time of registration. You will not be able to create an account prior to February 13.

Courses will fill quickly on a first-come basis. If the section you want fills right away, consider enrolling in another section that will work and join the waiting list for your preferred section. You are also encouraged to consider private course instruction through our Tutoring Center if corporate class schedules do not meet your needs.


How are Scholé Academy courses different from other online courses?

Our courses seek to provide “restful learning” following a liturgical pattern. We do think learning can be free of frenzy and anxiety without sacrificing academic excellence. We train our teachers to impart virtue to students, wedding truth to beauty and seeking to nurture souls while also training minds. Scholé Academy seeks to teach holistically, therefore leading students to engage truth, goodness, and beauty in every art and discipline, while seeking wisdom and mastery. For a detailed description of our learning philosophy and pedagogy, please see the Scholé learning philosophy section of our Student-Parent Handbook.


Is Scholé Academy a Christian academy?

Our teachers do teach from within the Christian faith and will relate class concepts to the Christian faith when pertinent. As our name implies, we seek to present all teaching and learning restfully with scholé. While scholé as an idea originated with the Greeks, it was transformed and extended by the Church, especially in monastic centers of education. Scholé Academy seeks to recover this approach to education that is contemplative, “liturgical,” restful, and full of Christian peace. Our faith commitment is summarized in the Nicene Creed.


What texts or materials will I need for taking SA courses?

All the materials you will need to take a SA course are listed on the course page under “Course Materials.” In many cases, everything you need is sold here on the Classical Academic Press website.


Are required texts included in the purchase of the course?

No, course materials are sold separately.


How can I be sure my student is ready for a particular course?

Please pay careful attention to the course descriptions, target grade level, and any prerequisites listed. Entry-level courses (e.g., Latin for Children A) don’t have specific academic requirements other than age and on-level reading and learning ability. In the case of math classes, there is a more detailed and specific placement process. See here. You can find a detailed description of student placement guidelines in Section III.2 in our Student-Parent Handbook.


May I register a student who falls outside of the listed grade range for the course?

If you have any questions about placement, or if you plan to enroll a student who is outside of the listed grade range for the course, please contact us before you begin the registration process, and we will be happy to help you determine the best placement for your student.


Do you accommodate students with learning challenges and/or disabilities?

At Scholé Academy, we understand the honor and responsibility we have to partner with parents as they navigate the road of academic development for their child. To best enable us to meet your student’s needs while maintaining high standards for our courses, we would like to invite you to dialogue with us if you think your child might demonstrate a developmental difference that could limit his or her ability to fully engage with the course and its standard requirements. Our instructors are not equipped or trained to serve students with learning disabilities. However, in many cases, students with learning challenges are able to participate fully in our courses with outside assistance.

  • Before you enroll a child with learning challenges and/or disabilities: To ensure that we can serve your student well, we ask that you please contact us prior to registration if your student has any unique learning challenges or has been diagnosed with any learning disabilities. If you have questions about the placement of your child in one of our classes, please contact us, and we would be glad to discuss possibilities for accommodation. In some cases, we may request that the student and/or parent meet with the course instructor to determine the best course of action.
  • Provisional enrollments for students with learning challenges and/or disabilities: Students with learning disabilities who are accepted into Scholé Academy courses are enrolled on a provisional basis. Within the first 3 weeks of classes, the parent or teacher may determine that the course is not the proper fit for the student, and a refund will be issued. To the best of our ability, we seek to ensure proper placement before the start of the school year. However, in the occasion that an issue becomes apparent within the first 3 weeks of classes, the parent or teacher may request that the student withdraw for a full refund.

Please note that Scholé Academy, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to deny admission to a student for any reason.


What technology do you use for teaching SA classes online?

We use a cloud-based virtual classroom called Zoom for teaching all of our SA courses, live in “real time.” Zoom is very easy to use and reliable over many kinds of networks, connections, browsers, and computers. With Zoom, students can see and hear their teacher and their classmates, creating a “face-to-face” experience and collaborative classroom atmosphere. In addition, teachers are able to share a whiteboard (that students can type or write on) as well as PDF displays of actual book pages, PowerPoint slides, videos, audio—virtually anything available on the teacher’s computer. Standard features such a chat box and “hand raising” are also available. To learn more about Zoom and the technological requirements for using it successfully, see the classroom technology section of our Student-Parent Handbook.


What are the hardware and software requirements?

This is an important question since we want to ensure that everyone has a smooth, positive experience online. The specific requirements are detailed in each course listing under the technical requirements tab and can also be found in the classroom technology section of our Student-Parent Handbook.


Do students need to participate with their video turned on?

Yes. It is expected that students will engage in the live classes with their videos turned on. Parents and guardians will encourage their students to respectfully participate in the courses, as the instructors have designed them to include class discussions, projects, peer evaluations, exchange of ideas, homework submissions, and shared class resources. Parents and guardians will ensure that suitable computer equipment (see hardware and software requirements in the classroom technology section) is available and working so that students can access the online courses and use them well.


What is your grading policy?

  • While Scholé Academy courses will be “restful,” we also recognize the need to provide grades for students who will be using this course as part of their prepared college transcript. It’s a delicate balance to achieve both restful learning and excellent academic performance. Earning a specific grade should not overshadow achievement goals for mastery of this discipline. Often, for disciplines in classical education, learning the concepts introduced will be a necessary and significant component of future success in upper-level classical education. In that sense, attaining mastery is its own reward.
  • Teachers will often assign the following grades based on students’ level of achievement: magna cum laude (with great praise), cum laude (with praise), satis (sufficient, satisfactory), and non satis (not sufficient). Ideally, every average student working diligently should do praiseworthy work (cum laude). Those who excel beyond this expectation will be the magna cum laude students. Students who do adequate but not praiseworthy work should be designated satis. Non satis means lacking sufficiency or adequacy. These assessments are not mere grading instruments but ways for both the student and the instructor to assess mastery. If students need to complete a college transcript with either a numeric or letter grade, they will need to notify the teacher so that he or she can provide a traditional grade accordingly upon request at the end of the course.
  • Scholé Academy serves homeschoolers by providing online instruction, but we do not replace parents as the administrators of homeschools. As such, the ultimate authority on a student’s grade is his or her parent. If a parent feels the need to modify the teacher’s assessment in his or her own records, as the administrator, he or she should feel free to do so. However, only students who complete the required work for a given class at a level deemed satisfactory by the instructor will receive a completion certificate from Scholé Academy.


Is attendance required? Can my student watch a recording of the course instead of attending the live session?

  • Our classes are live and highly interactive, with students regularly interacting with their instructor and peers and participating in class discussion. Students are expected to attend classes with their videos turned on and to function as a full participant in each class, contributing to the class dynamic and success of the entire cohort. There are, of course, circumstances, both planned and unplanned, in which students must miss a class. In such circumstances, we provide students with a recording of the live class session so that they may play back the session they missed. Whenever possible, we ask that students alert their instructor of their absence before missing class.
  • While recordings of live sessions are a helpful tool for occasional absences, they are not a sufficient replacement for class participation in the long term. With this in mind, we allow a maximum of 9 absences for yearlong courses that meet 3 times per week. We allow a maximum of 6 absences for yearlong courses that meet 2 times per week. We allow a maximum of 3 absences for one-semester courses that meet 2 times per week. During the summer term, absence permissions are handled by the course instructor on a case-by-case basis.

Please note: Though we will endeavor to have recordings for each and every class, we can’t guarantee that we will have recordings 100 percent of the time (e.g., occasionally we run into technical difficulties). Our teachers are available to their students in class, via Canvas messaging, and during office hours. If your student has to miss a class, anything you can do to minimize the extra work required of the teacher would be greatly appreciated. As you might expect, teachers can’t reteach the material via email. However, our teachers are accessible to their students and provide assistance as needed.

Our students live all over the world, and there are occasionally natural events that prevent a family from being able to attend their scheduled classes. Please make your instructor aware of any extensive damage or displacement due to natural disasters. We are happy to accommodate families in these cases.


What happens if my student will be absent more than the maximum number of days allowed for his class?

The absence policy is intended to curtail chronic absences that would inhibit the maturation of the class dynamic and the student’s success or create a burden for the instructor. However, if you have planned absences which will exceed the maximum number of days allowed for a class, please let the instructor and registrar know before the time of purchase. In some cases (and at the approval of the instructor), exceptions can be made to accommodate preplanned absences for mission trips, family moves, etc. In other cases, students are required to adhere to the absence policy to maintain their enrollment in the course.


When will I be charged for the tuition for a SA course?

Payment for courses may be made online on the Scholé Academy website or by calling the office at 866-730-0711. Tuition for each course is listed on the course page and also at checkout. Scholé Academy has partnered with Affirm, a financing alternative to credit cards and other credit-payment products. Affirm offers instant financing for online purchases to be paid in fixed monthly installments.*

Questions about the details of the payment plans and your eligibility should be directed toward Affirm—the Scholé Academy administration does not have access to your Affirm account information. Learn more about how it works here.

*Subject to eligibility. Payment options through Affirm are provided by these lending partners:



If a course is full, can I get on a waiting list?

If a given course is designated “Full with waiting list,” parents may contact us to indicate their interest. If a seat becomes available, we will notify students on the waiting list in the order in which they requested to be put on the list. In some cases, Scholé Academy may offer an additional section of a course if a course fills up quickly. In these cases, we will notify those on the wait list of the new section when it becomes available for registration.


What is your withdrawal/refund policy?

There is a $75 deposit built into the cost of each course. 

  • Withdrawals requested before May 1 are granted a full refund, including the full $75 deposit.
  • On May 1 and before July 31 withdrawals are granted a full tuition refund less the $75 deposit. 
  • On August 1 and before the drop/add deadline, withdrawals are granted a ½ tuition refund.
  • For Spring semester courses, withdrawals are granted a ½ tuition refund less the deposit on or before February 6, 2022, which is the Spring semester drop/add deadline.
  • Students may withdraw from a course through the second week of classes. See handbook for specific details.
  • After the second week of classes, no refund is given. For courses which meet once per week, the add/drop period is extended to three weeks.
  • CSLD students add/drop period is 3 weeks from the start of class.


Can I enroll after classes have already started? 

Yes! We welcome students throughout the year on a case-by-case basis after considering several factors including space available, the preparedness of the student, the instructor approval to accommodate a late addition to the class, and the content of the course. Parents should review our posted course options and reach out to the appropriate instructor. He or she will work to understand your situation, arrange the best placement for your student, and create a transition plan if an enrollment is offered. See more in our Student-Parent Handbook.


Will I receive confirmation that my student is assured a seat for a given SA course?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email as soon as we process your order. The purchase of the course secures your student’s seat in the course; the student information provided at checkout enables us to contact you and help prepare you for the course. In any case where SA determines that your student might not be ready for a course, we will issue a complete and immediate refund.


Can I switch to a different course after purchasing a SA course?

Switching courses is considered an enrollment change. Please see the handbook for details about our open enrollment process. If you’d like to change sections, you must withdraw from the course, receive a refund if applicable (see the refund policy and dates), and enroll in the new section.


How do I learn about the qualifications of SA teachers?

We include biographies of our teachers on the Our Team page. SA recruits and hires experienced teachers who are equipped and trained to teach according to our scholé approach.


Are your high school courses accredited?

Our high school courses are not accredited, but we do post the recommended credit amount to be given for each course below the course description.  Schole Academy is currently pursuing accreditation with the Middle States Association’s Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools.


If I enroll 2 students in the same course, is tuition charged for each?

Yes. Just as in a traditional classroom setting, students enrolled in our courses participate in interactive live class sessions as well as receive personal feedback on their work. Siblings enrolled in the same class will participate as individual students, so tuition applies to each. We strongly recommend that siblings join the live class sessions from separate computers so that they can participate fully in class discussions, breakout sessions, etc.


Can adults enroll in or audit student classes?

Adults are not permitted to enroll in or audit student classes. We have occasionally created adult versions of some of our courses. If you are interested in an adult course, please contact us and let us know.


Why don’t you open enrollment as early as other online academies?

At Scholé Academy, we take “restful” very seriously. And we try to apply this balanced approach of rest and rigor not only to the courses your children enjoy, but also to general management of our organization. For example, many of those in our community have expressed appreciation for our more relaxed withdrawal and refund policy, one of the many distinctively scholé characteristics you see evident in our organization.

Each year the enrollment season seems to open earlier and earlier, thus putting more pressure on our instructors to look into the future and know their availability and schedules almost a year in advance. There is an unfortunate tension between the urgency to post our courses as early as possible and our desire to give our instructors an opportunity to consider their family schedules and busy lives outside of school.

We want to slow things down a bit, not be reactionary and feel a compulsion to adopt the frenetic pacing which seems to drive the online enrollment process. Additionally, we seek to find the best classically trained Christian instructors, who are also the most qualified and passionate, to fulfill our scholé approach. We offer courses once we have found the right instructor to host those courses. We put quality before urgency.

Each year in early December, our admin team begins building course lists and polling our current instructors. After Christmas, we begin the interview process to fill open positions. By early February we have made final course decisions and solidified our staff schedules, allowing us to open enrollments to our community.

The result is a highly qualified team of educators who are prepared to offer the wide range of courses we offer.