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Aquinas House of Studies assists families in forming the hearts and minds of students aided by the study of Scripture,

the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the Catholic Liberal Arts tradition.


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About the Aquinas House of Studies

Welcome to the Aquinas House of Studies!

Scholé Academy offers courses to students from a wide range of Christian traditions. And because of this, we know we also need to provide small enclaves where students can learn with like-minded believers in the conviction of their faith. Our Orthodox students are invited to take classes at St. Raphael School, an online classical school in the Orthodox tradition. It sits as a “school within a school”; the Canterbury House of Studies sits within our classical academy as a small collection of courses offered in the Anglican/Episcopalian tradition; likewise, the Aquinas House of Studies is the Catholic house of studies offering courses in the Roman Catholic tradition. The collection of courses offered here will provide students with a path from which they can explore their Christian faith, church history, art, culture, music, and philosophy.

The following courses you see below are merely the beginning of a much more elaborate plan. In time, though, we hope to offer classes from 4th through 12th grades, across a wide range of disciplines—a journey through the Catholic faith. More details about the entire scope and sequence of this program will be forthcoming!

If you have any questions about the Aquinas House of Studies, please feel free to email Aquinas House Chair, Monika Minehart (

Mission and Vision

Aquinas House of Studies seeks to support the spiritual formation of students into the image of Christ through fostering a strong prayer life fixed firmly in the liturgical traditions of the Church aided by the study of Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the Catholic Liberal Arts tradition. Loyal to the Magisterium and under the Blessed Virgin Mary’s mantle of protection, the Aquinas House of Studies seeks to guide students in diligent work, prayer, and praise so that along with our patron, St Thomas Aquinas, we may earnestly pray, non nisi te, Domine (Lord, nothing except you.) We offer classes under Scholé Academy for grades 4-12.


Chris Hall has a BA in philosophy from Gettysburg College and an MAT in elementary education from Towson University. He has been a classroom educator and administrator for 27 years, having served in public, independent, and classical schools. In that time, he has served as a classroom teacher in grades K-12, primarily as a science educator, PK-8 Science Department Chair, and a Lower School Academic Dean.  Along with his professional pedigree, he is a convert to Catholicism (2005), a lifelong practitioner of several of the common arts profiled in his book Common Arts Education: Renewing the Classical Tradition of Training the Head, Hands, and Heart (Classical Academic Press, 2021) and the founder of Always Learning Education, an organization dedicated to teaching, learning, and propagating the common arts. He lives on a small, homesteaded farm in central Virginia with his wife and three homeschooled sons.

Deborah Wallace is an educator with over 20 years of professional and homeschooling experience. She has been a teacher, mentor, curriculum developer, and all-around academic cheerleader. She has a BA in History from the College of William and Mary. Mrs. Wallace is passionate about reading, singing, and Catholicism.

If you would like to nominate a contributor or volunteer your talents and time as a house of studies contributor for Aquinas House please email We continue to seek educators, priests, sisters, deacons, and lay people who are passionate about classical education and the Catholic faith. Contributors propose courses, write curriculum, recommend instructors, and/or support the general growth of our mission and vision.

Courses at the Aquinas House of Studies

Middle School (Grades 6–9)

The Growing Church: Medieval World

Common Arts of the Liturgical Life

The Growing Church: Modern World

MS Theology of the Body

The Blessed Mother in Art

Upper School (Grades 9–12)

Science and the Catholic Church (Fall)

The Blessed Mother in Art

Science and the Catholic Church (Spring)

Common Arts of the Liturgical Life

Understanding the Catholic Mass

US Theology of the Body

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