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Tutoring Center

Scholé Academy offers personalized tutoring to help students find confidence and delight in their classical studies.

Supplemental Tutoring and Private Course Instruction

All tutoring and private course instruction are provided via live video conferencing. Students and instructor meet and engage together through a one-on-one Zoom video conferencing session.

Supplemental tutoring and private course instruction services should be considered for:

  1. students who need supplemental study and review assistance, and/or
  2. students who would prefer private course instruction rather than enrolling in one of our corporate classes

The instructors available for either of these two services will be classical educators, proficient in their area of study and expertise. A student who registers for supplemental tutoring or private course instruction will not work with a special needs instructor.

If you are interested in supplemental tutoring or private course instruction for your student(s), please continue to explore the services describe below and then click on the button below to proceed to a Tutoring Request Form.

Supplemental Tutoring

For students currently taking a course of study, but needing:

  • Extra, supplementary assistance, coaching and support
  • Assistance in areas of difficulty
  • Extra practice
  • One-on-one instruction
  • Flexible scheduling

Private Course Instruction

  • For students who wish to take a class one-on-one with an instructor. 
  • All grading done by teacher
  • Earn credit for a completed course
  • One-on-one, private course instruction
  • Flexible scheduling

Services for Students with Learning Differences

The Scholé Academy Tutoring Center now offers services for Students with Learning Differences. We hope to provide families with assistance and support as they consider how to provide a classical education to their home-educated students and students who are taking classes at Scholé Academy, St. Raphael School, and the Canterbury House of Studies.

Please note: The services provided through our Center for Students with Learning Differences are neither intended to meet the standards of nor fulfill any state’s requirements. The services provided here are intended to be used as a helpful supplement and are provided to parents who are looking for an alternative to or an addition to state services.