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Student Clubs

2024-2025 Club Information Coming Soon!

All club info reflects 2023-2024 student clubs.

Offerings will be updated closer to the 2024-2025 school year.


You belong here! Our student enrichment clubs foster curiosity through peer collaboration and student leadership. World class instructors serve as sponsors that host clubs, which meet with diverse frequencies through the school year. Explore this year’s clubs below and reach out to the sponsor to sign up at any time!



Getting Started with Scholé Academy Student Clubs

Student clubs host interest meetings in late September or early October to kick off the new school year. Explore the latest list of club options found below and reach out to the relevant club sponsor for more information. Clubs are free and open to enrolled Scholé Academy families. Each club has specific membership limitations typically based on grade level or course experience. 

If you have questions or suggestions, email us at [email protected].

Vision for Student Governance

Clubs are not only fun and interactive ways to explore a variety of interests, they are tremendous opportunity for student leadership. Each club is organized by an instructor who has volunteered to serve as the club’s sponsor for this year. Within each club, there may be opportunities for traditional offices, presentations, organizing special activities or events, and serving as discussion leaders. Student governance helps our students learn to lead and work collaboratively in ways even beyond our classroom setting, while having loads of fun!

Connections in Student Life

Did you know we have students from all 50 states and 20 foreign countries at Scholé Academy? Student life at Scholé Academy isn’t just about academics; it’s about holistic development, fostering friendships, and exploring passions. Our student clubs are a testament to the vibrant and diverse community that makes Scholé Academy a truly enriching educational experience. As our students learn and grow together, they discover that the world of online education can be a gateway to limitless possibilities and enduring connections. Building a sense of belonging is at the heart of Scholé Academy. We have clubs providing even more ways for every student to feel connected through humane learning, even in the digital realm.

Poetry Club

Chess Club

Latin Club

Spanish Culture Club

Literary Society

Scholé Chronicle

German Culture Club

Sanctity of Life Club

SRS Journal

Hellenic Greek Club

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