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Teach with Scholé Academy!

Currently, we do not have open positions for which we are seeking candidates.

We accept proposals all year and welcome your submission at any time.

As an educational services provider, Scholé Academy is not a “school” in the traditional sense.  We do not employ teachers on a full or part-time basis.  Rather, we serve as a vendor for the services of independently contracted online instructors and tutors. 

We invite parties who are interested in contracting with us to download and complete the “Request for Proposal” form. Candidates will also submit a cover letter, resumé/CV, and transcripts. 

Steps are outlined below to guide you in the process.  If you have any questions, you may email [email protected]. After we have reviewed your documents, we may contact you to begin an interview process. 

Step 1: Get to know Scholé Academy

Scholé Academy offers interactive online courses that pair classical curriculum with a restful (scholé) pedagogy. The resources below are helpful guides as you explore who we are and what we look for.

  • About Scholé Academy:  This video from our CEO, Dr. Christopher Perrin, describes what makes Scholé courses unique in the world of online education.
  • What is Classical Education? This article presents an overview of our educational philosophy.
  • Student-Parent Handbook: The handbook includes our statement of faith, a description of our learning philosophy, and the agreement parents sign when they enroll in our courses.
  • Welcome to the Great Hall @ Scholé Academy:  Learn how we work together across Christian traditions while making room for our important differences.
  • Tutoring CenterMany of our course instructors also serve in our tutoring center, offering private course instruction, supplemental tutoring, or services for students with learning differences.  Our most popular subjects in the Tutoring Center are language arts, Latin, writing, and mathematics.
Step 2: Find out who we're looking for

At Scholé Academy, we are looking for online instructors and tutors in math, science, humanities, grammar, logic, rhetoric, Latin, modern foreign languages, writing, catechism, Bible, and fine arts.  We consider proposals to teach one or more of our standard courses as well as newly-proposed courses.  We invite you to view our current Catalog of Courses and to learn more about our Tutoring Center.  You may also review a past informational session (December 2023) for interested candidates.


In addition to subject matter competence, we look for the following competencies:

  • Pedagogically classical —We expect our instructors to not only understand classical education but to apply it in every aspect of their teaching.  If you are invited for an interview, we’ll want to hear about your teaching experiences and how a classical approach shapes your pedagogy.
  • Entrepreneurial — All Scholé Academy instructors and tutors are independent contractors. That means we are looking for people who desire flexibility, work with independence, and have an entrepreneurial spirit.  While some instructors have built their online teaching business up to the level of full-time self-employment with modest compensation, most of our instructors consider their online instruction to be supplemental income.
  • Tech-Savvy—Our online courses feature live video conferencing via Zoom. Our instructors manage course content using Canvas, an online learning management system.  While we provide software, instructors provide their own tech equipment, and they should have ready access to the tools for online teaching, including a reliable high-speed internet signal.


Program Specific Requirements

  • St. Raphael School instructors must be Orthodox Christians in good standing with their local parish.
  • Aquinas House instructors must be members in good standing with the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Canterbury House instructors must be members in good standing in a church within the Protestant tradition.  Anglican catechism instructors must be members of good standing in the Anglican Church. 
  • Center for Students with Learning DifferencesAs part of the Tutoring Center, the CSLD supports students who have been diagnosed with Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) or are seeking a diagnosis.  We welcome the services of Special Needs Instructors.
  • Candidates who wish to apply for tutoring only should summarize the services they could provide within our tutoring center in their proposal (see below); otherwise, the same standards apply to both tutors and course instructors.
Step 3: Prepare your proposal
  • Request for Proposal (RFP): Scholé Academy serves as a vendor for the services of online course instructors and tutors. If you are a classical teacher who would like to offer one or more online courses as part of our wider offerings, or if you would like to serve with our Tutoring Center, please download and complete the “Request for Proposal” form.
Download the Request for Proposal (RFP) Form


  • Cover letter:  Please write a few short paragraphs introducing yourself and summarizing your proposed course offerings. If you desire to offer tutoring or private course instruction, please summarize the services which you could provide within our tutoring center.
  • Resumé / Curriculum Vitae: Much of the information required on the RFP would also be included in a standard resumé, but feel free to include your resumé or CV, especially if it includes important details not covered in the RFP.
  • Transcripts/support documents:  For any degrees which you have earned or certifications, please scan and upload official documentation.

Still Thinking About It?

Fulfilling our Request for Proposal can be a daunting task. If you’re still at the inquiring stage, we invite you to share your initial interest by filling out this simple form.  (Please note that full consideration of a candidate requires completing our Request for Proposal.)