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Latin & Greek Courses

At Scholé Academy, we offer Latin courses targeting 4th–12th graders. Our Latin For Children classes target our lower-school and young middle-school students; while our Latin Alive! courses target our older middle- and upper-school students. It’s important to note these differences as you consider which classes are right for your children. We should also note that most students should expect to take a placement evaluation prior to their registration being finalized. You can read more about our placement process in the Student-Parent Handbook. We hope to place each student in a course that provides him or her with the greatest chances for success, mastery, and delight in his or her studies.


Latin students will learn a substantial amount of vocabulary and grammar, as well translation exercises and explorations of Roman history and culture. In addition they will receive some rudimentary exposure to the practice of spoken Latin. All course levels describe in further detail their expectations and objectives. 


Quisquis bonus verusque Christianus est, Domini sui esse intelligat, ubicumque invenerit veritatem

“Let every good and true Christian know that truth is the truth of his Lord and Master, wheresoever it be found.” —St. Augustine, De Doctrina Christiana, II, cap. 17.

Latin for Children A

Latin for Children B

Latin for Children C

Latin 1

Latin 2

Latin 3

Intermediate Latin
(Latin 4)

Advanced Latin
(Latin 5)

Greek 1

Greek 2

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