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Homeschooling Resources


Welcome to our new Homeschooling Resources page
A collection of resources brought to you by Classical Academic Press and Scholé Academy

We know many of your are considering the possibility of homeschooling for the very first time. And we know how daunting and intimidating the process can be. There are so many choices! Some of them good… and some of them less good. We are committed to providing classical, yet creative, robust, yet restful, rigorous, yet contemplative resources for students and parents alike. We hope you’ll find the following resources and links helpful.

Homeschooling the Scholé way
Restful, Classical, Education at Home

You know Classical Academic Press for its award-winning and creative classical curricula in Latin, logic, grammar, writing and science! And, you know Scholé Academy (K-12) was just voted the Best Online School for 2020 in the Practical Homeschooling’s annual awards. Combined, Classical Academic Press & Scholé Academy provide families with some of the best options to choose from when embarking on at-home schooling. By pairing CAP and SA, parents can choose which texts and courses to pursue independently at home, and which courses would be better experienced with an online cohort of like-minded, engaged and excited students, led by a master teacher. No matter what you choose, we’re here to support you.

Classical Academic Press provides student and teacher editions, and (in many cases) we also provide many supplemental resources for families to choose from. It’s often the case that parents aspire to provide a more robust education to their children than they themselves ever received. We applaud you! And we know how important it is to equip you with all the necessary resources you’ll need to assist and support the academic goals you have set for your family.

Let’s take Latin for example. If you’re like many parents, you’ve heard about the importance of studying this essential language. You know it’s not a “dead” language, and are eager for your child to learn it. But also like many parents, even if you took Latin when you were in middle or high school, you probably feel ill-equipped to actually teach your kids a course in Latin on your own. We’ve all been there! So, we designed our programs with you in mind. (To be honest, we’ve probably provided more options than you’ll need). In the case of our Latin for Children series, parents can choose and combine options from any of the following curriculum pieces:

  • Student Edition

  •  Teacher Edition

  • Activity Book

  • History Reader

  • Instructional Video streaming

  • Live course instruction at Scholé Academy (using the Student Edition)

  • My Library


To see all of the curricular and instructional resources available for your family, click on the Homeschooling Resources button below. We’ve grouped everything by grade, and then by subject.

You’re also welcome to jump right in and explore all there is to offer at Classical Academic Press, or pop into Scholé Academy to read course descriptions and explore various course paths.

For more information (and a little boost of confidence) we encourage you to watch Dr. Christopher Perrin’s video on the Homeschooling Resources page as well. He’s inspired and equipped moms and dads all across the globe to do educate their children at home. And, of course, if you have any questions, we’re always here to help. You can call us at 866-730-0711, or reach us by email at: [email protected].

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