Schole Academy Latin Club

discimus vitae, non scholae

–Seneca the Younger, 65 CE

Salvete omnes! Welcome to the Scholé Academy Latin Club! This year, students in Latin Club will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and appreciation of Latin through the exploration of conversational Latin, Roman cultural traditions, and classical practices that still impact the modern world today. Students will learn more about the mythology, history, and art of the ancient world while bolstering their growing knowledge of the written and spoken language itself. Whether through amicable Certamen competitions (Latin quizzing), or at-home constructions of ancient Roman ruins, students in Latin Club will benefit from the diverse exposure to many of classical civilization’s greatest treasures. 

The Zoom Meeting ID for Latin Club is provided on Schoology. Login to Schoology and check the calendar.


Quarter 4 Meetings:

  • April 7 at 3–4 p.m. ET (Meeting A)
  • April 23 at 1–2 p.m. ET (Meeting B)
  • May 5 at 3–4 p.m. ET (Meeting A)
  • May 21 at 1–2 p.m. ET (Meeting B)


Quarter 4 Curriculum Guide:

    Cultural Topic: Rome’s Birthday
    Oral Latin: Salutations and Blessings
    Preparatory Piece: Origin Story for Rome; Birthday Treat “in memoriam” of Romulus & Remus
         Supplies Needed: 1) 1-2 Oreos (cream-filled cookie)  2) 2-5 toothpicks  3) Napkin/paper towels to keep work space clean
    Cultural Topic: Roman Clothing & a Toga-tying Tutorial
    Oral Latin: Jeopardy (aka, “Certamen in Latine”)
    Preparatory Piece: Thermae (Roman Baths)
          Supplies Needed: 1) Clean bed sheet (non-fitted)  2) Some manner of cord (if desired); this could be a belt, a white or other-colored cord, twine, etc. — it just has to be long enough to wrap around your body & be tied into a knot around the toga 3) (if desired) other Romanesque garments (i.e., gladiator sandals, laurel leaves, etc.)

The Details:

  • Who can be in Latin Club?
    Any students in Latin 1–3 are welcome to join.
  • When will Latin Club happen?
    Latin Club will be offered twice a month (Meeting A & Meeting B) so that students can choose to attend the meeting that fits their schedule better.
  • Where will Latin Club take place?
    There will be a Zoom meeting room specifically for SA Latin Club. The link will be available to all interested members.
  • Can students attend both monthly meetings?
    Yes, they can, although it will be the same agenda for both monthly meetings.
  • What will a typical club meeting entail?
    Latin Club will include several types of activities, from practicing conversational Latin to discussing mythology or art, to exploring a Roman cultural tradition or engaging in Certamen-esque (Latin quizzing) competitions.
  • What do students need for the club?
    Students may wish to have their Latin notes and resources nearby for club meetings, in order to facilitate lively and robust discussion and participation. Additionally, there will be activities throughout the year that may require simple supplies. Please check the quarterly schedule for details about any and all supplies needed for each meeting.

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